We greatly appreciate the wonderful postcards we get from our adopted pups
and their new families. It's always fun to watch them grow up!
Thanks for keeping us up to date!
"Tucker is such a doll.  He is now
over three years old and hasn't
met a dog he did not want to play
with.  We went fishing on Keuka
Lake (the lake never freezes)
several weekends ago and he had
to break through some minor ice to
go swimming, yes swimming.  
I kept a close eye on him and he
did  not appear to get the least
bit cold. He seems to really enjoy hunting afield and has gotten
rather good a finding lost ducks, even besting some veteran
retrievers. At home he is a lovable big oaff.  We taught him how to
wiggle just inside the front door over the mud rug when he comes in
from the rain or snow.  Needless to say we are so happy Tuck has
joined our family.  You have wonderful breeding stock."
"I just want you to know that Retro is the best puppy we have ever
had. He is sweet, obedient and so eager to please. His best friend is
Muzby, our Golden. They are quite the handsome pair! Please let me
know when you have another litter. I have someone who is interested
in a lab. Thank you for sustaining the best qualities of the Lab
breed. All of your efforts are certainly evident in Retro. Looking
forward to hearing from you."
Here is a picture we
received of "Sumo".
He was one of
Madison's pups and
it looks like he is
growing up to be a
handsome boy!
This is a beautiful
picture we received of
"Monty" playing fetch!!
"Lucy is a great and
loving dog.  She is an
excellent lap dog and
hunting companion.  Her
energy and endurance are
unbelievable but
manageable.  We now have
a 1 yr little girl and
they love each other."